Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Very Quick Update - More and More Steps Every Day!

I have to leave in six minutes to teach two classes, but Kai and Bob are taking a nap and I figured if I didn't blog now, who knows when I would get my next opportunity?!?

For about a week, Kai has been taking unsupported steps! It started with one or two, and is up to four or five. They are such sweet, small, tentative, cautious steps! I love watching! He often looks like he is considering what the best way to locomote will be, pausing before opting to crawl, cruise, or bravely walk on his own.

During the past week, Kai also started signing and saying "help" when he needs assistance, and, now that he regularly attends my Tots classes on Saturdays, he's also started doing Down Dog while saying "Daw Dow" (in addition to the So Big and Ba La La poses he's been doing for a while). I've watched other one year olds learn these things but it's amazing seeing it develop for myself. I'm soooooooo excited that my kids will have this amazing opportunity to be consciously doing yoga asanas at such an early age. Believe it or not, there are some three and four year olds out there, especially kids of yoga teachers that I've met, who have just this incredible presence in their own bodies and a really beautiful yoga practice. So cool. Oh! And because he's also around a lot when I do my own practice, he's started doing the beginning of sun salutations - hands in prayer position, floating up into mountain pose. Adorable!

In my own news - I start my yoga teacher (for teaching grown ups) in February and I'm ecstatic!!! I'm doing it with the teacher/at the studio of my very first yoga class eight or so years ago. Who would've thunk it?

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