Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Queasy but happy...

I just googled the words "I don't feel very good" - I'm sitting at my desk, nauseous and thinking non-stop about food. What food would taste good. What food wouldn't have a good aftertaste. What food might make me throw up.

Yes, folks. I am pregnant. I know this. I knew it might mean not feeling so well. But knowing it and then feeling it, week after week, are two different things!

I'm in my 12th week now - in about two and a half weeks I'll be done with my first trimester and I'm just praying that I'm average and that I start feeling better with my second! On the up side, swimming at Walden seems to alleviate some of the icky feelings, so at least my favorite summer pastime can persist!

Here's a picture of the picture of the blob inside my belly from a few weeks back (I was in my eighth week at the time):

The black oval in the center is the gestational sac, the bigger roundish whiter blob inside the sac is the head, the little bulge above it and to the right is the belly, and the little piece at the end is the beginning of legs...