Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thank you!!!

Our friend Laurie threw us a wonderful baby shower this past weekend, filling our house with friends, family, and lots of new baby gear! Folks also made some very cute onesies for Kai...

We were pscyhed that we had a chance to get Kai's room set up ahead of time for everyone to see:
Actually, a lot of what you see in this photo came from the shower (like the balloon in the upper left corner, the stroller and diaper bags, many of the toys on the changing table and books on the shelves). I laid the quilt out on the floor that Bob's mom needlepointed - it's pretty much adorable. Both grandmas-to-be made contributed a number of beautiful handmade items to Kai's collection...A favorite gift was from Bob's sister: the Ewok that was among his own childhood favorites (it turns out that Bob was incredibly fastidious when it came to caring for his things even as a small child!):