Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More on Money

Well, it turns out that I have a persistent sense of doom and gloom about financial affairs that is truly out of step with reality.

I thought that I was pretending to be on top of our financial affairs hiding that I'm not at all. It turns out that I'm pretending to myself that I am "behind", "inept", "hopeless" when it comes to money. In fact, Bob and I have saved more than 5% of our total lifetime earnings. This number will only grow, given that early on, we did not save at all. Given that neither of us started our adult lives with a trust, or gift of seed savings, I'd say that to be 27 and 29, and have already saved 5% of our lifetime earnings is pretty damned good.

(Inner voice snarling: "don't say that. someone might read it and know more than you and be able to tell that you don't have a clue. you don't know that 5.75% is actually good. you're just pretending to know that it is!")

So. Given this Landmark Education seminar I'm taking on money, my main task is creating a possibility in the area of money that I can live into. The idea is that the way you are with money is the way you are in other areas as well. Clearly, I am insecure and self-doubting in the area of money. Guess what? I'm that way in other areas as well. So...

The possibility I'm creating for myself and my life is the possibility of security, adventure, and abundance.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Last weekend I:

- Sea kayaked in Lane's Cove, Gloucester with Discovery Adventures
- Slept on and off for six hours on the beach
- Was charged $0.39 for oysters, shrimp cocktail, tuna and veggie skewers, fish chowder, a glass of riesling, a glass of port, and a rather large ice cream cake dessert
- Partied with gay boys at a very schmancy home where I was handed a glow stick and a drink with a blinking red ice cube
- Didn't wake up to make a 6:30 am swim at Walden
- Hiked Wantastiquet Mountain, got pretty sweaty, and encountered a lovely view of Brattleboro
- Swam, first unsuccessfully then later successfully, against the current at a relatively fast moving part of the Connecticut River
- Learned what happened to the rhinoceros, and about an affair involving tomorrow and blue booty

I am tan and peaceful and happy and loving the world outside my door. Anyone have any ideas? How can I make fundraising into an outdoor adventure?