Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Language Development Update

Words Kai can speak:
  • Dada (or Ah-da)
  • Mama
  • Nurse (it's more like Naynaynaynaynay, but the intent/meaning is clear)
  • Truck (usually comes out as T...T...Tr....Truh.....T.... but again meaning is clear)
  • Up (uttered once or twice several weeks ago and not since)
  • Head/Hat (aka Het, see previous post)
  • Banana (his latest, which also takes the form of Ba-nuh or Na-nuh)
Words Kai can sign:
  • Nurse/Milk
  • All done (most often used when he's finished with a meal)
  • Up
  • Down
  • Again (often used when he wants us to read a book again)
  • More (I've only seen him do this once and am not 100% certain of his intent)
Kai is also doing a lot of pointing these days - at things that he wants, things that we name, just for fun, and for who knows what other reasons.

He clearly understands many more words than he says/signs. This whole language development thing is fascinating.

Sorry that I don't have any other profound insights right now, but I'm rather sleepy and just wanted to do a quick post to document Kai's development for posterity.


Kris said...

The signs sure are helpful aren't they? Even tho Audrey only uses a few, I think it's saving her a lot of frustration.

GooberMonkey said...

I definitely think it's saving him frustration. Occasionally causing some, perhaps as well...like when we're changing a diaper or in the car and he signs "all done" while looking at us expectantly. We know, Kai, you're all done. But sadly, this activity isn't!